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Our little Kohli is all grown up.....and a CHAMPION!!!

CH. Bad Axe Expect Great Things from Kai "Kohli" went winners bitch all 3 days in Waukesha earning her AKC Championship with 3 straight 5 point majors!!!


Thanks to LeAnn Missana of Bad Axe Malamutes for handling her so graciously!



Kai's Alaskan Malamutes is located in Des Moines, Iowa and committed to breeding, raising and training the best in obedient  Malamutes, as well as show and weight pull quality. I breed for standard, temperament and good work ethic. I take pride in making sure that my dogs and puppies are imprinted with the ability to understand and comprehend what is expected of them from their human counter parts. 

Our goal is to promote the Alaskan Malamute as it was originally intended...an Arctic Sledge Dog, by breeding to fit the AKC standards of the breed, and by promoting the breed in harness and in the show ring.


…their function as a sledge dog for heavy freighting in the Arctic must be given consideration above all elseAKC standard

 It is important to consider both the characteristics that make the Malamute a sledge dog (structure and movement) and those characteristics that allow it to survive and thrive in the Arctic (breed type).  


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